The “Personalized Opt-in” Growth Hack

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How to increase your opt-ins with one simple tweak to your call-to-action design


The Personalized Opt-in Growth Hack is a simple yet powerful way to grow your lead list, while also building your “personal brand” in the process.

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“Personal branding is the conscious and intentional effort to create and influence public perception of an individual by positioning them as an authority in their industry, elevating their credibility, and differentiating themselves from the competition, to ultimately advance their career, increase their circle of influence, and have a larger impact.

The process of personal branding involves finding your uniqueness, building a reputation on the things you want to be known for, and then allowing yourself to be known for them. Ultimately, the goal is to create something that conveys a message and that can be monetized.”

Sounds good right?  Lets break this down a bit more...

What is the “Personalized Opt-in” Growth Hack?

This method involves creating simple “personalized lead magnet” funnels to build your prospect list.


A lead-magnet is a free giveaway - e.g., an ebook or video training course, or consultancy call - that you offer your prospects in exchange for their contact details. This is one of the most effective ways to build a lead list online.

Personalizing your campaign is often as simple as putting your name and face on the optin page or popup that you use for your giveaway…

This seemingly simple tweak can massively increase engagement with your campaign and thereby boost your conversion-rate - bagging you more leads from the same amount of traffic.

Once your prospects opt in to receive your giveaway, you can automatically follow up with them (via email or Facebook Messenger) with a personal message, to move them along the buying journey.

Simple, huh?

Yes - but sometimes the little things are the most powerful...

Who is this for?

This method is great for anyone who wants to build an engaged lead list, while also building their personal brand in the process.

Personalized Lead Magnets are particularly effective for professionals who need to build strong personal relationships with clients - where trust, authority and expertise are of paramount importance...

✅  Marketing agencies

✅  Accountants / Legal / Financial consultants

✅  Personal trainers / Nutritionists

✅  Real estate agents

✅  Health / Medical practitioners

✅  Bloggers

✅  Affiliate marketers

Anyone really... 🙂

Why does this personalisation work?

A personalized lead magnet has a number of advantages over “faceless”, anonymous opt-in campaigns...

🔥 Build your “personal brand”:

First and foremost, putting a name and face on your lead magnets helps build a personal brand. Which is to say - providing your lead magnet contains relevant, helpful content for your audience - it will boost your authority and reputation in your niche; and in turn, increases the trust your prospects have in you. Ultimately, this means you’ll attract new clients and customers, rather than having to chase them - saving you a considerable amount of time & effort in the long-run.

💌 Drive Social Traffic:

Personalized lead magnets are a perfect match for social media. After all, people log into their social accounts to interact with other people - not faceless brands, right? As such, personalized giveaways on social media generate more likes, shares, and comments, akak higher engagement, compared to faceless promotions. Which means you get more eyeballs on your offer ( no extra cost)

🤑 Boost Conversions:

Last but not least, a personalized lead magnet is more likely to convert your audience - first into leads, and then into buyers. People are naturally drawn to faces, so a personalized campaign will generate more opt-ins for you. But more importantly, people buy from people who they know, like and trust. So by building a personal brand, you’ll also increase the proportion of leads who convert to paying customers...

So, how do you set it up?

Its simple.  You can have your first personlised optin funnel up and running in just a few minutes.

Lets get right to it...

Step 1: Preparation

First up, create your lead magnet (i.e., the freebie you’re putting your name on and giving away in exchange for your prospects’ contact details…)

The following types of lead magnets work well with a personal optin page:

  • E-books or PDF Reports. E-books and reports are simple, cost-effective ways to build your list and authority, by providing your audience with useful, valuable information


  • Video training courses. To make a more personal connection with your prospects, turn your content into a series of videos. You can create an engaging video with minimal technical skills, using a simple screen sharing tool, such as Loom. 

  • Free Consultancy Calls. A consultancy call is an effective lead magnet to offer if you’re looking to attract high-value clients - where extra personal 1-to-1 attention can pay dividends down the line…

  • Webinars (live or “evergreen”). Running a webinar training is a great way to engage your audience for a longer period and thereby build a deeper rapport.  This gives you the perfect opportunity to pitch an offer to your prospects... 

😎  Looking for a shortcut for creating lead magnet funnels? We’ve got a whole suite of ready-made lead magnets for you to rebrand and giveaway as your own. Learn more at the end of this article.

Step 2: Create your Personalized Optin page/popup

There are 7 parts to creating your call-to-action…

  1. Your Design/ Template.

    Choose a design style for your page or popup. If you have a specific design in mind already, or a distinct brand style, you can design your popup from scratch in the drag-and-drop builder. (just select the “Blank Canvas” from the template gallery to get started).

    Choose a template that matches your angle, and hit “Import” to get started. You can then customize your design with the drag-and-drop builder.


  • Choose a template that is “on-brand” but also one that stands out from your website for maximum impact.
  • Use multiple-step designs to build micro-commitments. E.g., Step 1: Want to get [Benefit x]?; Step 2 opt-in for ebook.

  1. Visuals: pictures / videos.

    Next, add your visual elements. These are critical to your success - because your audience will notice your images before they digest your copy. So your images need to give the best possible first impression.


  • Use striking, high-quality images to capture attention and direct the eye.
  • Use a video if your offer requires an in-depth explanation to convince your audience to take action.
  • Add gifs, animations, and emojis to enhance engagement.
  • If you have a really strong headline and CTA, you may not need to add images (as they could distract from your copy). If you feel this is the case, can split test “with” vs. “without” your image to confirm.

  1. Your Headline + Sub-headline

    The heading is the first text that your visitors see. It’s one of your first opportunities to influence your conversion rate. As such, be sure to use a heading that clearly states the biggest benefit that your product/offer confers; tell your visitors exactly what they can get if they take action. Use your sub-heading to further explain the offer and share the Unique Value Proposition.

    Your headline must...

    • Attract someone to your offer
    • Make a bold promise they will not want to miss.
    • It should help you select the audience.
    • And convince a visitor to read the rest of the popup copy.


  • Using numbers in a headline  - whether it’s a blog title, landing page, popup, or really any kind of marketing material - tends to grab your readers’ attention.  It visually breaks up the letters in your headline copy.

Here are a few useful and effective headline formulas you can use when creating your headline…

Direct headline (Works well for product pages):

“WAIT! [OFFER: e.g., Get Free Shipping/ 10% Off your first order]”

Unique Value Prop:

“The Only [Product Type] Made Exclusively to [Highly Desirable Outcome or Benefit]”

Social Proof headline (best paired with testimonials):

“Who Else Wants [blank]?”; “Don’t leave yet! Join our 34,098-strong tribe of [profession name]”

Command headline:

“Download Your Free [blank] Now”; “Grab This Free [blank] Now”

All gain, no pain:

“Get the [Rarely Seen But Relevant Adjective] Power of [What Your Product Does] Without [Pain]”

The How-to:

“How to Get [Desired Benefit] in under [Time Period]”

YES/ NO (best with a multistep campaign):

“Would you like [Desired Benefit]?

Curiosity Headline:

“Discover The 3 Weird Ways I Get [Benefit]”

  1. [Optional] Additional Copy.

    Once you have your headlines in place, add additional copy to expand on your offer, break-down the benefits, and answer any common objections...


  • No need to write a novel here: the aim of your copy is to communicate your offer as succinctly & clearly as possible.
  • Use short sentences and simple language to make your message easy-to-digest.
  • Focus on key benefits to the user (rather than product features).
  • Use “Power Words” - these are words that are proven to evoke an emotional response and prompt readers to take action: e.g., “Because”, “Imagine”, “You”.

  1. [Optional] Social Proof (testimonials, reviews...etc).

    Even if it’s not your main angle, adding testimonials or case studies to your campaign is a proven way to increase conversions.


  • Choose customer testimonials that support your headline and copy to validify your claims.

  1. [Optional] Urgency (countdown timer) or Scarcity (limited stock).

    Adding urgency or scarcity to your offer is another proven way to boost your conversions. When we know something may soon be unavailable, our natural survival instincts kick in, and we feel the need to secure it for our future needs...


  • Give a reason for the limited time or supply to make it more compelling.  
  • If you get your prospects’ emails, follow up with them to remind them that time is running out. For example, if you are giving away a 24-hour coupon, you could set a few “urgency emails” to automatically send - reminding your prospects that the opportunity to redeem their coupon ends soon.

  1. Call-to-Action.

    Last but not least, your offer needs a strong call-to-action. No matter what you’d like to accomplish with advertising and marketing, you won’t do it without a compelling CTA. Almost all of your campaigns and content should have a well-crafted call to action designed to drive action.

Here are a few useful CTA Formulas you can use to formulate your CTA...

Direct command CTA:

“Download Now”; “Subscribe” “Join”

Benefit focussed:

“[Benefit] Now” e.g. “Save 10% OFF Your Order Now”

1st person CTA:

“Send My Free [Blank]”

Instant gratification:

“Get Instant Access”


  • Use a strong verb at the beginning of your CTA - e.g., Unlock, Discover, Join, Become…
  • Make sure your CTA Button stands out from the rest of your campaign (use a contrasting color, for example).
  • Use a secondary, negative CTA to act as a “decoy” and make your primary CTA appear more appealing. For example, imagine you’re offering your audience ways to save money, and your primary CTA is “Download The Money-Saving Playbook Now” you could add the following negative CTA below your primary CTA: “No thanks, I like wasting my money”. This makes your primary CTA seem like the only rational choice...

Step 3: Integrate your autoresponder

Any campaign that is collecting emails needs to be connected to an email autoresponder.

This will allow you to automatically follow up with your leads to convert them into customers.

  • From the left menu of your Wishloop account, head to Workspace Settings > Integrations and then select the autoresponder(s) you want to connect.

Step 4 - Put your campaign live!

The final step is putting your campaign live...

If your campaign is a page then your campaign will be automatically hosted by Wishloop.  You can keep the page here or publish it to your own domain in several ways (you can check out our knowledge base for full guidance on all the possible pushing options)

If your campaign is a popup, then you'll need to integrate Wishloop by adding our embed code to your website.

If your site is based on WordPress, then this is simply a case of installing our WordPress plugin and entering your Wishloop user ID and Workspace API key into the plugin settings.

If you use any other platform, then you simply need to copy the Wishloop embed code and paste it somewhere before the closing </body> tag in your website's source code and you're done.

In any event, you'll find both of these options via Workspace Settings > Installation, within your Wishloop account.

Step 5 - Share your campaign & start generating leads...

Once you’ve created your opt-in page or popup, your remaining task is to get eyes on your campaign…

To do this you can:

  • Share your campaign on social media: simply write a post describing the benefits of your lead magnet, and link to your squeeze page to get free traffic & leads from the social networks...

  • Add your campaign to your website or blog: personalized lead-magnets are also perfect content upgrades to blog posts you author.  Add a popup giving away your lead magnet to every post you publish to generate leads from your blog...

  • Add your campaign to content you share: you can even add your personalized lead magnets to links you share...Check out the Content Infiltration Hack to see how you can turn every link you share into a conversion opportunity!

How would you like done-for-you personalized lead magnets & landing pages?

Time to address the elephant in the room: 

Creating valuable content that people are willing to give away their email for is time-consuming and hard... 

Which is why we created the: 

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