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4 High-Converting Messenger Lead-Gen Funnels (with Templates)


Facebook Messenger is now an essential marketing channel for every business – giving you unrivalled engagement and personalization options … with results to match!

Here are 4 funnel ideas (and templates) to help you succeed with Messenger marketing...

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The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving...

There are more people than ever before demanding the attention of your customers, across an ever-increasing array of communication channels.

So how do you stop your message from being drowned out in the noise?

Well, here at Wishloop we believe you now need to build THREE kinds of (re)marketing list to get your message heard...

✅  an email list (yep - email is still King of online marketing, despite all the new pretenders to the throne)

✅  a retargeting list (for ads)

✅  a FB Messenger list

...and the good news is, you can build all 3 of these lists using Wishloop 😃 

Why build a Facebook Messenger list?

Here are a few key facts you need to know about FB Messenger:

  • Messenger has over 1.3 billion active users
  • It is the most engaging channel, with an average open rate of 82%
  • It has 4 to 10 times higher Click Through Rate compared to email


As such, Messenger can help get a lot more eyes on your offers.

Moreover, Messenger chatbots let you automate customer engagement, to help move prospects along the sales journey…

People enjoy interacting with these chatbots too - because they provide them with instant answers... 

Indeed, Facebook Messenger support:

Therefore, if you want to maximise your online sales and customer satisfaction, Messenger is now an indispensable part of your marketing stack.

So how do you take advantage of this essential marketing channel to grow your business?

To get you started, here are some ideas for Messenger lead-gen funnels that you can create with Wishloop in minutes...

4 Facebook Messenger Lead-Gen Funnel Ideas (...with templates)

💡 Messenger Coupons

Discount coupons are one of the most effective ways to convert casual browsers into buyers.  

And using FB Messenger to deliver your coupon code can add a new dimension to this tried-and-tested method...

Why does it work?

We all love to save money with coupons!  

But oftentimes, we simply forget to use them - we get distracted, or the coupon code gets lost in an overcrowded email inbox.

Messenger helps solve this...

Coupons delivered via Messenger are more likely to be seen and redeemed, as Messenger boasts higher open- and click- rates then email.

You can also set up a flow in Clever Messenger to remind your prospects to take advantage of their discount, and further increase your conversions...

The Templates

How do you set it up?

  1. First up, add Clever Messenger to your Wishloop Integrations. You only need to do this once for all your Messenger campaigns in Wishloop: Head to Workspace Settings > Integrations and select “New Integration”. Then choose “Clever Messenger” and paste in the API code. 

  1. Create a “Send To Messenger” Button in Clever Messenger (and optionally connect the button to a Flow)
  2. Create a Flow in Clever Messenger to automatically follow up with your prospects
  3. Decide upon a marketing angle for your campaign (e.g., Summer Sale), and how you want to communicate your offer (e.g. exit popup/ squeeze page). For more tips on how to craft your offer, check out our Perfect Offer Formula.
  4. Choose a Wishloop template.  You’ll find dozens of designs inside the Wishloop Template Library. Or just import one of the templates below to get started...
  5. Customise your design. Edit your design in the Wishloop drag-and-drop editor. Add images, video, animations, copy and more to make your design stand out & convert.
  6. Add the Messenger Button. If your template doesn’t already contain the Messenger button, drag and drop the “Clever Messenger” Widget (under Social) onto your popup or page and select your desired button in the settings pane
  7. Put your campaign Live! The final step is putting your campaign live...

If your campaign is a page then your campaign will be automatically hosted by Wishloop.  

You can keep the page here or publish it to your own domain in several ways (you can check out our knowledge base for full guidance on all the possible pushing options) 

If your campaign is a popup, then you'll need to integrate Wishloop by adding our embed code to your website. If your site is based on WordPress, then this is simply a case of installing our WordPress plugin and entering your Wishloop user ID and Workspace API key into the plugin settings.  If you use any other platform, then you simply need to copy the Wishloop embed code and paste it somewhere before the closing </body> tag in your website's source code and you're done. In any event, you'll find both of these options via Workspace Settings > Installation, within your Wishloop account.

🔥 BONUS TEMPLATES: Target prospects with Messenger Coupons on their Birthday.

Check out the “Facebook Birthday Method” Growth Hack below, to learn more.

💡 Messenger Content Upgrades

Add your Messenger CTAs (popups & full-screen takeovers) to content you share, and grow your Messenger audience every time you post a link on social media…

Why does it work?

If you source relevant articles and create a congruent call-to-action, then this is a super-fast way to piggyback on high-quality/viral content to build your Messenger list.

And if you share the content on Facebook, then your prospects will already be logged into Messenger when they see your article/CTA, creating a seamless experience.

The Templates

How do you set it up?

  1. Follow the steps above to create your Popup and add your Messenger Call to Action 
  2. Add the Wishloop Browser Extension to your web browser. Head to Workspace Settings > Installations. Then simply drag and drop the share extension onto your browser

  1. Share links and grow your audience! Now you can add your Campaign to any link you share via the Wishloop Browser Extension. When you see an article you want to share, simply click on the browser extension icon, select your popup and hit save. You’ll then have a special link to share with your CTA added...

How does it work?

  • Prospects click on the links you share on social media
  • When they land on the article, your popup/ slide-in appears with your Send To Messenger Button
  • When your prospects click on the Button, they’re added to your Messenger list (and optionally a Flow is triggered)

🔥 For more tips on how to capture leads from content you share, check out the Content Infiltration Growth Hack below

💡 Messenger Lead Magnet Pages

Create simple but effective Messenger Opt-in Pages to build your audience.  

Why does it work?

Messenger optin pages are a great alternative to traditional email squeeze pages - particularly if you know your traffic is coming from Facebook, where a Messenger button will deliver a higher optin rate.

As mentioned above, Messenger also provides better open rates and click through rates than email, so your prospects are more likely to receive your free giveaway.

And like email, you can also follow up with your leads automatically, using Chatbot Flows. 

So if you’re not building a Messenger list yet, why not create your first Messenger Squeeze Page today with Wishloop…

The Templates

How do you set it up?

  1. Steps 1-5 as above
  2. Edit your Squeeze Page design and add your copy (e.g., “Click below to get your training video series sent direct to your Facebook Messenger Inbox”)
  3. Add the Messenger Button. If your template doesn’t already contain the Messenger button, drag and drop the “Clever Messenger” Widget (under Social) onto your popup or page and select your desired button in the settings pane
  4. Put your campaign live! your campaign will be automatically hosted by Wishloop. You can keep the page here or publish it to your own domain in several ways (you can check out our knowledge base for full guidance on all the possible pushing options) 
  5. Send traffic to your optin page and start building your Messenger list!

💡 Interactive Auto-Webinars

By combining Wishloop & Clever Messenger, you can also create insanely powerful evergreen webinar funnels - consisting of an optin page and interactive “broadcast page”. 

These simple, 2-step funnels use Messenger Chat to automatically engage your prospects while they watch your recording….

Why does it work?

This lets you build a Messenger list AND email list in the same funnel. First you capture your prospects’ email address when they opt-in for the training, then connect with their Messenger account as they watch the recording.

But more importantly, Messenger Chat adds an interactive, personal touch to your webinar recordings – making them more like the live experience.

As a result:

  • People are more likely to stick around for the whole webinar recording
  • …And more likely to engage with you (...we get tons of people typing the keywords in our Messenger chat to get the free case studies and bonuses)
  • You can send personalized follow-up messages that get better response than emails alone

…And thereby boost your conversions and bottom line.

The templates

How do you set it up?

  1. Record your webclass. Remember to include prompts during the recording for people to connect with you on Messenger & then interact with you during the recording. (e.g., Type “Bonus” in the chat to receive our free bonus report)
  2. Create a welcome “Flow” in Clever Messenger that’s triggered when people connect to your Chat Widget. Also create Flows that are triggered by any Keywords you use as prompts in your webinar recording (e.g. “Bonus”)
  3. Create an Optin Page in Wishloop. Set your page to redirect people to your Broadcast Page when they opt-in.
  4. Create a “Broadcast Page” in Wishloop. This is a simple page containing your webclass recording and Messenger Chat widget to engage your audience. Add your webinar video in the video settings.
  5. Add the Chat Box code from Clever Messenger to your Broadcast Page Scripts
  6. Send traffic to your optin page (e.g., solo ads, FB ads, affiliates etc)

How does it work?

  • Prospects opt-in to your evergreen web-class and get redirected to the Broadcast Page
  • They then Connect with you on Messenger when instructed in the webinar recording
  • When prompted, they type in the keywords that trigger your Chatbot Flows
  • You then automatically send personalized follow-up messages to try to convert your prospects into buyers (e.g., here’s the bonus report you requested…please rate our webinar…etc…)

Concluding thoughts

We’ve created some new templates based on these Messenger Funnel ideas – so make sure you give them a try yourself!

🎉 Clever Messenger Exclusive Offer

To take advantage of the Messenger marketing opportunity, we recommend you use Clever Messenger… an all-in-one Messenger marketing suite, enabling you to:

  • Build powerful Messenger Chatbots without coding (using an easy drag-and-drop builder);
  • Understand and segment your audience;
  • Broadcast messages to your subscribers’ FB Messenger Inboxes;
  • Run Live Chat on your websites with Messenger;
  • and much more…

Clever Messenger integrates with Wishloop in just a couple of clicks - opening up a whole new world of marketing possibilities. 

And the best news is, Wishloop customers can access this Messenger tool-kit at a huge discount…

Check out the Exclusive Clever Messenger offer here

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